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Arab Equipment Company, a premier company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was established in the mid of 1970, and promptly diversified to become the supplier of broader range of the choicest and the most reliable and reputable brand names of “Construction Equipment” & “Industrial Tools”, all of them selected after carefully considering the market demand, enabling the company to service the needs of civil construction companies involved in the infrastructure buildup of roads, ports, docks, schools, hospitals, buildings & houses. In 70’s, Arab Equipment Company expanded its operations in the other cities of Kingdom too, who were also experiencing economic and infrastructure development.

The AEC has adapted to these changes, growing considerably in the process. In today’s market, with the concept of being “The Solutions Provider” in mind, the Arab Equipment Company has the spread of activities encompassing the supplies of  Construction Machinery, Material Handling Equipment, De-Watering & Process Pumps, Power Generators and Tower Lights, Welding Machines and Consumables, Concrete Mixers and Vibrators, Surface Cleaning Equipment, Road Construction Equipment etc., through its head office in Dammam and branches in Riyadh, Jeddah & Jubail.

02. Our mission

To provide efficient, reliable and cost-effective equipment solutions for the market.

To drive success through qualified, well-trained and motivated employees working in an ethical, safe and healthy environment.

To increase the value of stakeholders by vigorously seeking growth and profit opportunities.

To enhance our presence and expand into new areas of opportunities based on strategic solid business planning.

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction through continuous organizational improvements.

03. Our vision

“To be your preferred equipment provider in the region. ”
In Dammam and its branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah and Jubail). The philosophy of the Arab Equipment Company is to provide a comprehensive after sales service to the customers with the immediate delivery of spare parts, and to provide backup equipment support service. For turnkey deliveries, we carry a very large range of spare parts from nuts and small nuts to full motors, in all our branches throughout the Kingdom and recently across some Gulf locations. We are equipped with highly trained technical personnel, skills and modern equipment in our service workshops in all our branches, thus ensuring fast after-sales service to our customers throughout the region. The company has a long history of service in all sectors of customers, including government agencies, companies and individual institutions

05. Business transformation

Arabian Equipment Company Limited.,

Arab Equipment Company Limited was established in 1968 in the eastern region of Dammam, where the company’s headquarters are located. The company’s journey started with the establishment of its first branch in Dammam in January 1968. Then the Riyadh branch came in 1984, then the Jeddah city branch in 1987, then the Jubail city branch in 2000. The company is the leader in trade and import of industrial equipment and spare parts in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with many branches that provide delivery of complete industrial machinery solutions and spare parts to customers in all regions of the Kingdom and the Gulf. In addition, the company provides technical consulting services, maintenance and support services in addition to technical training services for its valued customers as they require highly skilled employees, which has made the company a leader in its field. Arab Equipment Company Limited, positioned in the magic quarter versus competitors, operates as a business line provider of industrial solutions, in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, providing value to partners and enables the concept of business excellence and building professional synergy to overcome business challenges shifting in the growing and dynamic Saudi market, And strive to be a successful long-term partner </ p>