Founded to Fill Exceptional Pump Needs

Warren Rupp was founded in 1965 by Warren E. Rupp and Charles E. Young, Jr., in Mansfield, Ohio. Warren Rupp holds a leading position in the air-operated, diaphragm pump market with the broadest range of pump sizes, types and models. Marketed primarily under the tradename of SANDPIPER® Pumps.

Over 50 Years of Industry Leading Experience

More and more competitors are entering the diaphragm pump business. The product, which in past years was the pump of the last resort, is becoming widely accepted in plants as the first choice in many cases.


Some of the key advantages we carry over our competitors includes:

ESADS+Plus Air Drive System

                       GUARANTEED no-stalling performance, eliminating the need to choose among technologies for different operating conditions.

Unsurpassed Innovation

                        Provided the first BOLTED AODD pump design (51 years ago) that continues toprovide service life in excess of service intensive V-band designs.

Developing Quality Products we are Proud of

Warren Rupp also enjoys many intangible advantages. The company is known to stand behind the product with a generous 5 year warranty policy, money-back guarantees, and factory-based training, education and troubleshooting. The Technical Services and Engineering Departments are available to all users and distributors. The company’s distributors are known as highly professional companies around the world.



Even in the most severe applicati

ons and environments, the Sandpiper Signature Series of AODD pumps are engineered to provide industry leading durability and performance.

ON-OFF-ON Reliability Guaranteed

One of the most prominent features of any SANDPIPER pump is the exclusive ESADS+Plus Air Distribution System that allow

s for quick remote site serviceability. Independent of the pilot valve position, the cross-drilled pressure ports in the main directional air valve spool provide a pneumatic bias of the spool at either end of travel. This is accomplished by directing (inner) chamber pressure to the end of the spool, boosting and sustaining pilot pressure until point-of-shift of the pilot valve.  The benefit of this is that it eliminates spool from drifting due to vibration and/or unbalanced pressure or system conditions.

Primary system components = main directional air valve (with PATENTED cross-drilled pressure ports) & pilot valve