Rexnord Power Transmission (PT) keeps industry moving with a broad portfolio of products including gear drives, bearings, couplings, industrial chain, brakes, and a wide range of conveyor components. Rexnord products and services enhance the reliability of equipment used worldwide, supporting industries such as transportation, mining, energy, food & beverage. Our expertise and focus on customer service ensures that you have the right solution when you need it.

Our customers have consistently relied on Rexnord’s efficiency, knowledge and experience to deliver top quality products for their toughest applications. Our brands are used by customers worldwide who have already benefited from Rexnord’s dedication to providing exceptional service and specialty solutions. Power Transmission brand products are highly-engineered mechanical components used within complex systems where reliability requirements and the cost of failure and downtime are extremely high.

Keeping Industry in Motion with Rexnord Bearings

Rexnord’s innovative bearing products surpass industry standards and can be highly customized to fit your unique application. Our bearings work across demanding, heavy-duty applications within industries where reliability is essential: automotive, air handling, aerospace, food, beverage, cement, agriculture, energy, construction, technology, mining, military, healthcare and more.
On the forefront of engineering and technology, Rexnord has set the standard for superior bearing performance and innovation. Within our spherical roller bearing portfolio, our PT Select brand provides customers with a high-quality off-the-shelf bearing when availability is critical. Our Link-Belt bearing line is our high-performance trusted workhorse brand. Rex is our highly customizable bearing solution line—a true problem-solver.
Rexnord’s ball bearing portfolio offers high quality Link-Belt bearings in standard, medium, and heavy duty, as well as Klean-Gard bearings designed to meet the unique needs of the food and beverage industries. Our self-lubricating filament bearing brand, Duralon, provides a maintenance free solution capable of operating in the harshest conditions including high moisture, extreme chemical washdown, and highly corrosive environments.


The Critical Link for Any Application

Rexnord offers a full selection of couplings, designed for your specific speed, torque, and power needs. Available in a variety of materials and configurations, Rexnord couplings accommodate many different applications and industries. From high-heat high-humidity applications to corrosive and high-torque applications, our wide array of coupling solutions will keep you covered. Our highly engineered couplings offer quality, reliability, and easy maintenance. Available to accommodate a wide array of shaft fits and hub styles, our expedited quote turnaround times mean lead time is never a worry. Rexnord offers coupling solutions for any situation including replace-in-place solutions to reduce downtime. Whether you need couplings, components, or parts, our extensive product line will cover your needs and deliver dependable operation. Rexnord offers the critical link for any disc coupling application.

Keeping You In Motion

At the heart of the gear drive, gears turn in pairs, working together to transmit power to your application. Gear drives increase torque, reduce speed, and change direction of the rotating shaft. With so much relying on such a basic piece of equipment, it’s imperative to start with a gear drive you can count on. Selecting the proper gear drive (especially for heavy-duty applications) reduces wear on components, increases uptime, and ensures your equipment is running efficiently. Rexnord is one of the most trusted names in industry, with Rexnord gear drives installed in some of the world’s toughest applications. High-quality, reliable, and rugged Rexnord gear drives offer power and performance you can count on. When your application demands performance, rely on Rexnord gear drives to consistently deliver.