This innovative product was followed by several other industry firsts, such as cutters for glass tube, power bevelers for PVC pipes, power torque wrenches for soil pipe couplings, shut off tools for copper and poly pipes, sewer tapping machines, hydraulic pipe cutters, and more. Today, Wheeler-Rex offers a complete line of pipe tools for the piping professional.

But here’s what really sets Wheeler-Rex apart from other makers of tools. We know it’s more than just a tool. It’s your livelihood. It’s your reputation. It’s your mortgage. It’s your daughter’s dance lessons. You need tools as serious about your work as you are. You need Wheeler-Rex tools.

In 1988, Wheeler became part of the Rex Industries family. Rex Industries produces the highest quality and largest variety of pipe threading machines in the world. Rex has developed advanced threader features such as oiling through the die head, auto-open die heads, notch-type quick adjustments, and ball detent die location. The well-known Rex quality is backed up by the best warranty in the business.

The Wheeler-Rex Advantage is “high quality in product design and performance, and high quality in customer service and support.”

The hardest working pipe tools, designed for the hardest working people, deserve the hardest working support network.


There’s only one thing worse than getting to a job site and finding out you don’t have the right equipment. Taking the time to procure the right equipment, only to have it not work properly.

At WHEELER-REX, we understand exactly how imperative it is to have the highest quality tools and equipment on your job site. Your customers don’t care about the background of a time delay. Poorly maintained or non-working equipment means you can’t get the job done on schedule or up to your usual standard. That reflects on your reputation and it’s not something that you can or should put up with in a supplier

That’s why we place quality control as a top priority for every single product that we sell.