Founded in  2001, Powerlink is committed to high quality design and production. Having 1 R&D center and 3 manufacturing plants in the world, Powerlink launches various high-quality diesel power generation products and gas cogeneration products with the exterior shape being containerized, muted

, open and portable. Powerlink also provides engineering equipment with an excellent performance, such as lighting cars, air compressors, etc. Powerlink Group has been recognized as a rapidly growing and continuously innovating power product manufacturer in the industry.


Powerlink diesel generator sets, high quality power generation products, provide continuous power supply for various users. It can be used as an emergency or standby power supply to satisfy the temporary use of users, and can be operated continuously. The investment cost is low, the performance price ratio is high. It is mainly used in the city construction , port , dock , mine , power station, construction site, factory enterprise and other urban construction, industrial field, and hotels, hospitals, schools, banks and other commercial fields.


Main Features:

1. Single machine capacity covers 5kW to 2000kW, and can be used in parallel machine or parallel network, and even form middle and small sized power stations;

2. The main systems of the product adopt the modular structure, light weight , small floor area , can be installed and put into use rapidly;

3. The main components are the international top brands, with high reliability and stable performance;

4. All directional electrical protection device shall ensure that the whole machine complies with various electrical safety standards such as CE and IEC;

5. Large capacity daily fuel tank, automatic oil filling system and so on, meet the requirement of uninterrupted power supply;

6. The unique intake and exhaust design, and the customized distal heat sink allow the unit to operate normally in harsh environments.