NiteHawk engineers build, and sells the highest quality sweepers on the market, but it’s not just our sweepers that make us who we are. We have a passion for helping our customers succeed and grow successful businesses.
We are committed to making your priorities our priorities, and we’ll continue to provide you with the best products, warranty, and service.




Our mission is to continue our reputation as the innovators and leaders in taking parking lot sweeping to a whole new level. As a member of theAlamo Group Corporation, NiteHawk stands together with the leaders in industrial equipment manufacturing. While this membership gives us the stability and vast resources of a large business, we still operate and work as an independent company. This allows us to keep up with and respond to the ever-changing demands of the sweeping industry.


The powerful VFC system allows you to sweep in the roughest conditions. Having the power do the job right the first time saves you time and money on the job.


Our powerful hydraulic system eliminates the need for an auxiliary engine and expensive maintenance. This ultra-efficient system will dramatically cut your fuel costs. To see your fuel savings by operating a NiteHawk, check out our new cost comparison tool.


Hydraulic vs Auxiliary Engine: Where does your money go? Our sweepers save our customers money. They are less costly to maintain and they use less fuel than other sweepers. Use our Cost & Fuel Calculator to see how your sweeper, or any other leading sweepers, stacks up against the NiteHawk Raptor.


Our system uses simple and effective components to reduce maintenance and increase longevity. Supported by a globally recognized network of vendors and over 20 years of hydraulic experience, our hydraulic components are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.



NiteHawk has taken reliability to a new level, leading the way for the sweeping industry.

  • Through GMC, NiteHawk offers a 5-Year / 60,000-mile warranty on all chassis installed with the Osprey sweeper models.
  • Through Isuzu, NiteHawk offers a 3-Year/Unlimited mile warranty on all Diesel Engine NPR chassis in
    stalled with the Raptor sweeper models.
  • Through Isuzu, NiteHawk offers a 3-Year/ 36,000-mile warranty on all Gas Engine NPR chassis installed with the Raptor sweeper models.



Since most sweeping is done in noise-sensitive areas, noise-level is extremely important. Our VFC Hydraulic System makes NiteHawk the quietest sweeper on the market. Our system’s low decibel level allows you to sweep in the strictest of environments, reduces noise pollution and provides a safer environment for customers and employees.