Since entering the power transmission marketplace in the 1920s, Lovejoy has emerged as an international market leader. Today, the Lovejoy brand is recognized around the world as the premier supplier of flexible shaft couplings and other power transmission components.

The key to Lovejoy’s continued growth and success lies in the dedication to our customers. Lovejoy became a global company by creating value for our customers through innovative, cost-effective products and services. We consistently produce value-added, custom-engineered solutions that help customers gain the competitive edge they need to be successful in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Lovejoy’s dedication to quality products and service is the reason our customers are some of the most loyal you’ll find anywhere.



At Lovejoy, our ability to deliver a higher standard of performance is our greatest asset. Lovejoy’s engineers possess a deep understanding of the industry and are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Lovejoy is the world leader in flexible coupling knowledge — a distinct advantage in today’s changing environment. This knowledge base enables Lovejoy to find solutions for a growing number of new applications.

While our competitors are focused on producing high-volume parts, Lovejoy is determined to provide optimal solutions. We have the expertise to engineer custom products that meet the complex needs of each individual customer.

During the past century, Lovejoy has been a pioneer in advanced manufacturing technologies. We created the industry standard Jaw-style coupling in 1927, and we were the first to incorporate rubber-in-compression as a power transmission concept. Today, Lovejoy’s engineers employ the latest and most advanced computer techniques to develop unique solutions and designs.

If you have been searching for a single source for all of your coupling needs, you need to look no further. Lovejoy can meet all of your product requirements, from catalog standards to unique designs. In addition to custom-engineered solutions, we offer a complete range of couplings in every size and type, including Curved Jaw, Jaw In-Shear, S-Flex (rubber and shear), Gear, Torsional and Disc style couplings. We also supply other power transmission components including variable speed drives, tensioning devices, universal joints, motor bases, and sheaves.

Lovejoy’s products cater to a wide range of industries such as, steel, pulp and paper, power generation, food processing, mining and construction. No matter what your application, we will carefully analyze your product requirements and provide the optimum coupling solution.

Lovejoy’s first priority is responding to customers’ needs all over the world. We earn our international reputation for providing outstanding customer service and support by consistently meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.







Our reach may be global, but our approach to service is distinctively local. Lovejoy products are available through a worldwide sales and distribution network, located in every major market throughout North America and in 45 other countries. A Lovejoy distributor is never far away.

Each distributor is supported through a large network of regional Lovejoy sales offices and warehouses with engineering, marketing, and customer service facilities in Canada, Europe, Asia and the USA. Need prompt technical assistance or immediate delivery of a product? We are here to help, on time, every time.

Lovejoy continues to expand and improve its global reach.  Lovejoy Canada established in 1990 and based in Ontario, Canada, services the needs of the rapidly growing Canadian market.

In 2001, we launched a wholly owned subsidiary company, Lovejoy Europe B.V., based in Germany, which provides couplings to the European power transmission market.

Raja-Lovejoy GmbH was established in 2003 as a joint-venture into the hydraulic component market. Based in Werdohl, Germany, Raja-Lovejoy operates a manufacturing and warehouse facility, which stocks and modifies couplings compatible with European standards and for machinery built for export markets. The company also provides European-based technical and customer support.

Lovejoy’s world headquarters is located in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA. Our USA manufacturing operations are based in Downers Grove, Illinois and South Haven, Michigan.