Generated by the construction boom in the 60th of last century the company HÜDIG develops and manufactures pump-units mainly for the construction industry.
HÜDIG could transfer valuable, long-standing experience out of this into other commercial sectors and could develop special pumps, pump units, generator sets and necessary accessories for different applications. Our strength lies in this diversity.
HÜDIG-Vacuum-Units arein service by satisfied customers all over the world. The power-saving technique is completed by the use of robust plant components. Sofor example sewage pumps are used as discharge pumps.






HÜDIG Electrical Vacuum Pump Units convince through perfected technology and have been proven thousandfold all over the world. The units are designed in the minutest detail and according to a modular system. Beside a high operation safety and very good performance characteristics a low maintenance is required by the construction practice. The results of these demands are our new series HC 467 resp. HC 468 as well as HC 487 resp. HC 488.