The Japanese high technology concern Furukawa Rock Drill (FRD) has its roots in the development of mining equipment. It is a part of the multinational Furukawa Company Group whose principal activities are the manufacture and sale of engineering machinery, electronic materials and chemicals. The key concepts upon which the company has built its name are Innovation, Creativity and Harmony.

The history of Furukawa Co., Ltd. dates back to1875 when the founder, Ichibei Furukawa began the copper mine operation, and since then, we have advanced with the modernization of Japan. At Furukawa Co., Ltd., applying the technologies cultivated through the maintenance of imported rock drills, we developed the first domestic hand-held rock drill in 1914. This was the start of our rock drill business.

At the Takasaki Works, rock drills were mass produced and we established the position of a leading rock drill manufacturer in 1950. In the late 1950s, the demand for coal drastically dropped due to the energy revolution and the main energy source started shifting from coal to oil. At the same time, we began focusing on the growing fields of machinery and electronic materials. Possessing products such as rock drills and pumps developed by utilizing mining technologies accumulated over the years was a great advantage to us.

In 1998 we established a sales company of rock drill products, Furukawa Rock Drill Europe B.V. in Holland. This is an affiliate company for the construction and mining machinery business established in Utrecht, Holland, which distributes rock drills and other products.

In 2005, we spun off businesses and adopted a Group management system, and began as the Furukawa Company Group. This made it possible for us to make decisions more quickly and based on the characteristics of each business, to conduct agile management. Through this endeavor, we are making efforts to maximize the corporate value of the whole Group.