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Warren Robb was founded in 1965 by Warren E. Founded to fill the needs of an exceptional pump. Rob and Charles Young Jr. in Mansfield, Ohio. WARREN RUPP occupies a leading position in the air diaphragm pump market with the widest range of pump sizes, types and models. It is mainly marketed under the brand name of SANDPIPER® pumps.

Over 50 years of industry leading experience

More and more competitors are stepping into the diaphragm pump. The product, which has been a last resort in past years, has become widely accepted in plants as the first choice in many cases.

Some of the major advantages we hold on our competitors include:


It guarantees uninterrupted performance, eliminating the need to choose from technologies for different operating conditions.

Innovation is unprecedented

It introduced the first design of the BOLTED AODD Pump (51 years ago) that continues to provide service life beyond service-focused V-BAND designs.

Developing quality products we are proud of

Warren Rupp also has many intangible advantages. The company is known to stand behind the product through a generous 5-year warranty policy, money-back guarantees, factory-based training, education, and troubleshooting. The Technical and Engineering Services department is available to all users and distributors. The company’s distributors are known as the most professional companies around the world.

Our signature guarantees your success

Even in the toughest applications and environments, AODD’s Sandpiper Signature Series ™ pumps are designed to provide industry-leading durability and performance.

ON-OFF-ON Guaranteed reliability

One of the highlights of any SANDPIPER pump is the exclusive ESADS + Plus air circulation system that allows for fast on-site remote service.

Regardless of the position of the pilot valve, the perforated pressure ports in the directional valve pulley provide a compressed air bias at either end of the travel. This is accomplished by directing the chamber pressure (internal) to the end of the temporary storage, which increases the pilot pressure and maintains it until the turning point of the pilot valve. The benefit of this is that it removes buffering from drift due to unbalanced vibration and / or pressure or system conditions.

Platform components = main directional air valve (with PATENTED cross-outlet pressure ports) and pilot valve