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Created with the construction boom of the 1960s, HÜDIG develops and manufactures pump units mainly for the construction industry.

HÜDIG can transfer valuable long-term experience from this to other commercial sectors and can develop special pumps, pump units, generator sets and accessories necessary for different applications. Our strength lies in this diversity.

HÜDIG-VACUUM-UNITS is a service by satisfied customers all over the world. Energy saving technology is completed by using powerful plant components. For example, sewage pumps are used as drain pumps.

H ELECTRICALDIG pump units are convinced by perfect technology and have proven their capacity a thousand times around the world. Units are designed in every detail and in accordance with a modular system. Besides high operating safety and very good performance characteristics, construction maintenance requires low maintenance. The results of these demands are the new HC 467 series. HC 468 as well as HC 487 RESP. HC 488.