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It is engaged in manufacturing various light construction equipments in South Korea such as vibrating roller, tamping machine, plate pressing machine, power shovel, concrete vibrator, concrete and asphalt cutting machine, among others.

It can also be available to produce some new products according to supply of drawings and samples with years of experience, technical capabilities and perfect management system.

Our products have been exported all over the world and won a good reputation and credibility in domestic countries and abroad.

In order to keep pace with the development of the international market, we continue to enhance our competitiveness and quality management system.

Being honest, reliable and quality assured is the basic principle that we insist on.

Your requirement and comment is the ability to push us to advance and improve in the service.

Management philosophy

Technology development

We strive to challenge the endless possibilities in the spirit of continuous technological development and move forward to become a leading company that contributes to our customers and our national interests with technology recognized as the highest competitive power in the world.

The best quality technology

Development and strategy for product differentiation through superb quality are Growth Products from Copaz Equipment.

We do our best to provide our customers with the best products over imported goods in terms of quality and price in an era of unlimited competition.

Customer experience

We place the highest priority on the competitiveness and attention of the customer, listen carefully to the voices of young clients and achieve the best technological services and management based on the customer’s value as a reward for the trust of customers provided to us.

Tinker RAMMER:

The Copaz tamping chain is the ideal solution for construction market preference trends and low emission, consumption and high energy requirements.

Its reliable performance makes it a priority choice when the effective pressure of coherent, mixed or granular soils is required in a narrow working area.