Engages in manufacturing various light construction equipment in South Korea such as vibrating roller, tamping rammer, plate compactor, power trowel, concrete vibrator, concrete & asphalt cutter and etc.

It also can be available to produce some new products according to supply of drawings and samples with years of experience and technical capacity and a perfect management system.


Our products have been exporting over the world and win a good reputation and credibility in domestic and overseas countries.
In order to catch up with the development of the international market, we keep on strengthening our competitive ability and our quality management system.

To be honesty, credibility and assuring quality is the basic principle we insist on.

Your requirement and comment is the power to push us to progress and develop on the service.


Technology Development

We strive to challenge infinite possibilities with spirit of ceaseless technology development and move forward to become a leading company contributing to our customers and national interests with technology recognized to have world’s top competitive power.



Best QualityTechnology
development and strategy for product differentiation through superb quality are the growth products of Copaz Equipment.
We do our best to supply our customers with the best products superior to imported goods in the quality and price in the age of limitless competition.
Customer Impression

We put top priority on the customer’s competitiveness and interest, carefully listen to the voices from small customers and realize the best technology service and customer value based management in reward for the trust of customers extended to us.






Copaz tamping rammer series is a perfect solution to the trends of preference in construction market and the requirements of lower emission & consumption and higher power.

Their reliable performance makes them a priority choice when effective compaction of cohesive, mixed or granular type soil is needed on a narrow work area.