Clemco Industries: The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Air-Powered Abrasive Blast Equipment

Clemco machines are used to clean, deburr, shot peen, remove coatings from, finish, or otherwise improve surfaces being blasted. Whatever blast machine, cabinet, or room you need, Clemco has it or will custom build it for you. We’ve been in the business since 1941 because we know abrasive blasting.

Clemco and Blast Machines: A History Together

More Than 75 Years of Abrasive Blasting

Since the 1940s, Clemco has been designing and manufacturing abrasive air-powered blast machines for numerous industries in the United States and around the globe. A lot has changed after more than 75 years in business, and Clemco has changed with the times.

Over the decades, Clemco has expanded its core blast machine business into five product lines:

Classic Blast Machines

The first blast machine Clemco manufactured had a 1.5-cuft pressure vessel, and from this machine sprouted Clemco’s Classic Blast Machine line. Clemco has been the industry leader in innovation and reliability ever since.

Contractor Blast Machines

Clemco Contractor Blast Machines are upgraded versions of the Classic Blast Machine line, but they have been designed with contracto

rs in mind, built with more rugged features and the versatility to handle more types of jobs.

Wetblast Systems

Clemco Wetblast Systems suppress dust in blasting operations by mixing abrasive with a small amount of water

Bulk Blast Machines—Big Clems

Clemco Bulk Blast Machines are supersized versions of our Classic Blast Machines. We call them Big Clems and design them with Big Clem upgrades.

Aerolyte Nonagressive-Media Blast Machines

Clemco’s Aerolyte Systems pioneered the technology to use plastic media for dry stripping military aircraft in the early 1980s. In addition to military applications, Aerolyte Systems leveraged this technology to develop equipment that uses other lightweight, nonagressive media (sodium bicarbonate, stone powder, corn cob, and others) for civilian use, such as its Pool Pal and Soft King blast machines.