Baoli trucks are being fitted with engines made by KION’s anchor investor Weichai Power. A prime example of how synergies are being harnessed within the KION Group.


Weichai is one of the best-known engine brands in China for trucks and articulated lorries. What many people don’t realise, however, is that the brand now also makes engines for fo
rklift trucks – including for the customers of the KION company Baoli.





“We need to precisely explain to our customers the qualities of the Weichai engine,” says Baoli Sales Director, Gu Qiqing. “But when you’re talking to people their interest is soon piqued because of the Weichai brand’s excellent reputation. They trust Weichai to also produce good forklift engines.” In Jingjiang, on the northern banks of the Yangtze river, Baoli has been installing the new Weichai engines in small trucks weighing 2.5 or 3 tonnes since the second half of 2014. Since then, around one in seven Baoli forklifts have been fitted with the new engine.



Ideal for outside applications and able to function at full capacity in wet or damp weather, have much greater ground clearance dimensions, which is extremely useful if working on asphalt pavement or unpaved roads where objects may be protruding out of the ground. Produce more drive line torque at low RPM and easily handle the addition and use of any necessary hydraulic attachments. Nevertheless, exhaust catalysts and purifiers can reduce noxious emissions and make the machines acceptable for occasional indoor use. It’s recommended forklift category when being used for heavy lifting, indoor or outdoor operations.