Hokuetsu Industries Co., Ltd. (Brand Name: AIRMAN)has been developing, manufacturing and marketing portable air compressor, stationary air compressor, engine generator, scissors lifter and mini-excavator.

 Based on our management principle of “Customer First Philosophy”, we, “AIRMAN”, contributing to social development by supplying our products, hereby establish quality/environmental policy as follows:


To achieve Customer Satisfaction, we shall establish and
execute the environmental management system and improve its availability continuously
To take over the irreplaceable earth environment to next generation, we shall establish environmental management system, execute the environmental conservation activity including saving energy and prevention of pollution, and improve its availability continuously
We shall comply with the regulations, which are applied to our products and activities, and the agreement with the related industries, government institution and other stakeholders



This Quality / Environmental policy shall be announced to every employee.
Furthermore, we have drawn up the goal to “annual plan” with setting up the environmental objective and goal every year